My top-4 Youtube Chefs

1. As a real fan of panna cotta’s I found a really good recipe by the Avant Garde Vegan: Gaz Oakley:

Youtube vid:   Pina Colada Panna Cotta


Photo: @Gaz Oakley’s instagram

Vegan recipes are getting increasingly popular and it can be oh so tasty.

And besides as an UK citizen you have the chance to win a Ninja blender:

2.  If you have been on Reddit or 9gag you have probably heard of Rick & Morty’s

Youtube vid:   Szechuan Sauce

However recreating many of the famous cartoon and non cartoon dishes without an actual recipe is amazing, therefore Andrew Rea is definitely on my list.

3. Food porn was one of the most frequently heard words in 2014. ASMR is also very popular. Adding these two elements together characterizes the channel: Almazan Kitchen perfectly. (Also good to know: everything is made from scratch and often baked/grilled on an outside grill/wood oven or with an waterfall in the background).

 Youtube vid:    Cannelloni


Photo:  Almazan Kitchen’s Cannelloni

4. Having covered a desert, a sauce and a mains, side dishes should not be forgotten.

Maangchi  is my go to Korean channel for spicy comfort food. It is very easy to make all the dishes vegetarian or vegan. 

Youtube Vid:   Spinach side dish 


 Photo:  Maangchi’s Spinach side dish


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