(spicy) green papaya salad

The great art of making recipes is that you learn lots about the combination of flavours, ingredients itself and whether you like certain flavour combinations and textures, or not.

Trying to make a recipe after one of the great dishes a friend’s mom made!. it is a Vietnamese/Thai inspired green papaya salad.


1 big green papaya (very hard) deseeded

Juice of 1 lime

5 teaspoons of white vinegar

1 red pepper

15 peanuts

8 Thai basil leaves

2 mint leaves

1 big tomato

6 small carrots or 3 big ones grated

5 spoons of fish sauce

2 spoons of palm sugar

handful of coriander

tip of a knife of shrimp paste

Optional: red onions, cucumber and shredded boiled chicken,


peel the green papaya, and keep it in vertical shape in your hand. With a knife make cut ins that look like vertical strips, with overlapping cuts. Then slice of this layer in a big bowl.  Slice half of a red onion in thin strips, the mint, thai basil, the coriander in small pieces and add it to the bowl. Grate the carrots or cut it in thin strips. Add the tomato in small cubes. Then add all the wet ingredients and add the palm sugar.

Put the peanuts in mortar and use the pestle to make it small pieces.

Serve the salad with the peanut topping.

Green papaya salad


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