Boiled white fish and rice


For three to four servings:

1/3 of a piece of tofu

3 to 4 leaves of Pakchoy

400 gram of tilapia fish

the juice of 1 lime

2 spoons of fish sauce

4 big shiitake soaked and cut in thin slices

2 big cloves of garlic

3 teaspoons of ginger paste

1 teaspoon palm sugar

1 spring onion

a lot of pepper and salt

Lots of coriander


(spicy) green papaya salad

The great art of making recipes is that you learn lots about the combination of flavours, ingredients itself and whether you like certain flavour combinations and textures, or not.

Trying to make a recipe after one of the great dishes a friend’s mom made!. it is a Vietnamese/Thai inspired green papaya salad.


1 big green papaya (very hard) deseeded

Juice of 1 lime

5 teaspoons of white vinegar

1 red pepper

15 peanuts

8 Thai basil leaves

2 mint leaves

1 big tomato

6 small carrots or 3 big ones grated

5 spoons of fish sauce

2 spoons of palm sugar

handful of coriander

tip of a knife of shrimp paste

Optional: red onions, cucumber and shredded boiled chicken,


peel the green papaya, and keep it in vertical shape in your hand. With a knife make cut ins that look like vertical strips, with overlapping cuts. Then slice of this layer in a big bowl.  Slice half of a red onion in thin strips, the mint, thai basil, the coriander in small pieces and add it to the bowl. Grate the carrots or cut it in thin strips. Add the tomato in small cubes. Then add all the wet ingredients and add the palm sugar.

Put the peanuts in mortar and use the pestle to make it small pieces.

Serve the salad with the peanut topping.

Green papaya salad

Fresh Thai Chicken Soup with Rice

Any left over Asian herbs/spices, don’t throw them out yet!

I just made this chicken soup and I left this in the fridge for a day and it was so good! (don’t cut corners though and try to add the toppings before you reheat the soup again) I think I am one of those weird peeps that likes their soup with rice but if you are not, please not hestitate and change this up for noodles. (and yes T.T I still need to improve my way of writing recipes)

4 Servings


1 can of coconut milk (400 ml)

1 to 2 chicken breasts (if you use one, don’t change the rest of the ingredients)

1/2 red hot chili pepper or 1,5 teaspoon of red chili flakes

fish sauce

1 teaspoon of palm sugar

2 mint leaves

1 cm/1,5 cm of ginger

6 leaves thai basil

2 stalks of lemon grass

3 cloves of garlic

half a lime

1 red onion

Coriander to liking

2 big pointy paprikas

Beansprouts to liking

like 12 peanuts crushed

Optional: mushrooms 

For toppings : 

Tiny slices of red onion,

Spring onions

The aforementioned peanuts

Optional: extra mint leaves, extra coriander, extra red chili peppers (or red hot chili flakes), lime wedge, shaved coconut.

Recipe: Chop the red onions, garlic, ginger and squeeze the lime, marinade the chicken in this mixture for half an hour.

Chop all the other ingredients: paprikas, thai basil, mint, coriander

Then put a pan on the fire, add a bit of oil, and panfry the chicken so it’s golden on both sides (doesn’t need to be cooked all the way through) and cut it in pieces, and put it aside.

Put the marinade sauce mixture in a high soup pan. Add the paprika and then I put about 6-10 drizzles of fish sauce in the pan. If you smell that all the aroma’s are released and you are worried that the ingredients will burn, add the one teaspoon of palm sugar and subsequently the can of coconut milk.

Next add the chicken back in the pan. Get the two stalks of lemon grass and make as many tiny cuts in the lemon grass and add them to the pan. Add some pepper, salt and the red hot chili peppers/chili flakes. Squeeze the rest of the lime into the soup and let it simmer on a low heat for about 20-30 minutes. You can cool it down and then put it in the fridge for a day or eat it with some rice and the mentioned toppings. 

When to add the beansprouts to the mix? Only if 10 minutes cooking before you are planning to serve it.  (about 10 minutes after you put the rice on)

The toppings should only be added after you assembled the dish.

(I know the photo makes it look … questionable but I promise you this is super yummie!)

Thai chicken soup.png

Glutenfree Homemade Anchovies & Red Onion Pizzas

In 2016 I found out that glutenfree pizzas finally made their way to my local grocery store. However today I thought why not just make my own?

Ingredients Pizza base:

200 grams of self raising flour (could be a mix of potato and corn flour with a bit of rice flour  (80:80:40).

110 ml of rice milk, soy milk or just warm water (not boiling), when you use water add a bit of sugar to the mix.

25 ml of olive oil

7 grams of dry yeast

a little of potato flour or corn starch if the mix is too wet.

Ingredients Pizza Sauce: 

3 cloves of garlic

3 big tomatoes

1 small can of tomato puree (circa 60-70 grams) or tomato sauce, if you prefer the sauce to be thinner

a pinch of pepper, salt

Optional:  a splash of red wine, add basil, oregano or rosemary to liking.

Ingredients/toppings Pizza: 

1 tin of anchovies

1 small red onion in thin rings sliced in half

15 grams of sliced olives

Optional: mushrooms, chorizo, spinach, mozarella or another kind of cheese, extra garlic (only add them the last minute of baking)

Firstly start out with making the dough.

Weigh the ingredients and add the yeast to the warm water, and mix it up well.

Add the flour in a big bowl and poke a hole in the middle, pour in the olive oil and the warm water/yeast mix.

Put some flour/corn starch on your hands and knead the flour mix into a ball.

Put the ball back in the bowl and put a damp cloth on top of it and put the bowl where it is warm.

Then work on your pizza sauce.

20170508_170036  20170508_172122

chop garlic cloves and the tomatoes into different sizes [see photo below],

add some olive oil to a frying pan, add the garlic and the tomatoes and add the herbs, pepper and salt. Let the sauce thicken [max 7 min on low/medium heat].


Ok now prepare the toppings, I have to admit I was a bit lazy and cheap with the toppings. I sliced the red onion in half and then sliced half rings.

Anchovies are the easiest toppings and don’t need any preparation.

Then the cheese, grate the parmezan or rip the mozarella in strings (mozarella is really a recommendation due to it complements/makes the red onion flavour stand out as well).

So after about two hours the dough has doubled in size.

Divide the ball in two balls and spread them out. Make a little crust by pinching the dough a bit up. Then use a fork or the lazy me, used chop sticks to stab the dough (not too deep) all over except for the crust. Use a lepel to spread the pizza sauce on the pizza, not too thick. Then lay out the toppings and put in the oven on 180 degrees for about 15 min (depending on your oven).

My first try making a glutenfree pizza turned out ok!.




My top-4 Youtube Chefs

1. As a real fan of panna cotta’s I found a really good recipe by the Avant Garde Vegan: Gaz Oakley:

Youtube vid:   Pina Colada Panna Cotta


Photo: @Gaz Oakley’s instagram

Vegan recipes are getting increasingly popular and it can be oh so tasty.

And besides as an UK citizen you have the chance to win a Ninja blender:

2.  If you have been on Reddit or 9gag you have probably heard of Rick & Morty’s

Youtube vid:   Szechuan Sauce

However recreating many of the famous cartoon and non cartoon dishes without an actual recipe is amazing, therefore Andrew Rea is definitely on my list.

3. Food porn was one of the most frequently heard words in 2014. ASMR is also very popular. Adding these two elements together characterizes the channel: Almazan Kitchen perfectly. (Also good to know: everything is made from scratch and often baked/grilled on an outside grill/wood oven or with an waterfall in the background).

 Youtube vid:    Cannelloni


Photo:  Almazan Kitchen’s Cannelloni

4. Having covered a desert, a sauce and a mains, side dishes should not be forgotten.

Maangchi  is my go to Korean channel for spicy comfort food. It is very easy to make all the dishes vegetarian or vegan. 

Youtube Vid:   Spinach side dish 


 Photo:  Maangchi’s Spinach side dish

First blog post

Dear readers,

This is my very first post. This blog will be displaying a lot of my homecooking, portraying the ups and downs that are accompanied with the successes and failures of homecooking.


I will be experimenting with new recipes and ingredients and food photography.

As the name maybe suggests a certain green element comes into my cooking,

I will try to maintain a good mix of recipes, looking at the calories, protein/fat content, whether the food is glutenfree or vegetarian or vegan and sustainable factors of my cooking.

Looking forward to hearing your feed back and suggestions for the future.